In March 2012 took place opening of restaurant Cinnabon. Brand came to us from USA. But all started in  1985, when father and  his son Rich  and GregKomen from Sietla, State of Vashington in America, started to create "The best cinnamon roll in the World". Entrepreneurs hired the best technologists, held hundreds experiments, and made many trips all over the world in search of the best ingredients. After long researches formula mysterious taste Sinnabon was created from the best and unique ingredients from all of the world. Most aromatic cinnamon varieties of Makara was grown especially for Sinnabon in the mountains of Indonesia.In first bakery was baked only one product-classic Sinnabon- the same roll that You can taste in our bakeries in all over the world now.

In 1988 in menu was added Minibon.  Today You can also  to taste our popular Shokobon (with chocolate), Pekabon ( with caramel and pecan nuts), SinnabonBayts (mini pastries for one bite), Sinnabon Stiks (puff pastry), also, special offers for season and our branded drinks Chilatta, Moccalata, Frappe with cinnamon and etc.

Currently in Baku opened one more restaurant Cinnabon on the 5th floor of  METROPARK in Happyland, also in new entertainment center MALL 28. In perspective there were planned to open several other restaurants. Company prides itself that while baking desserts were used only natural products and ingredients. 


Our first flower - gift shop under “Gallery” brand was established in May 2000. The key idea was to help the people to buyboth flower

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Key purpose of the Company included bringing of new standards to our activity field. These standards are product assortments 

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Real Group Company is increasing work places year by year. Each “Real Group” employee is provided with all conditions for 

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