In 2010 in the sphere of our services was added Entertainment Center of Children " HappyLand " in Trade Center of "PARKBULVAR". Variety of attractive playing machines, children playgrounds, attractions and big toy store of "Gallery4kids" from the first day attracted children. "HappyLand" is the first center in the market of entertainment business of Azerbaijan, that applied in its work the system of Redemption, giving prizes in the exchange of winning tickets, also system of Embed of famous company of Austria. This served as the main factor of speed of growth and strengthening of leading position in the local market of entertainment.

In 2012 in Trade Center "METROPARK" opened second entertainment center of children "HappyLand". In this center developed the sphere of service, we applied a slightly different theme, added children restaurant "TheKrystuKrab' that functionates as a family cafe, also the place for celebration remarkable days and Birthdays, cafe bakery "Cinnabon", also created for children entertainment game zone -"Fun&Learn" first of all as in  "HappyLand" and big toy store "Gallery4kids" in which we can exchange winning tickets with appreciated prizes. Today priorities of "HappyLand" are not only varieties of entertainments, but also quality of service, clearness of interior, majority of game video apparatus attractions, professional trained personnel and of course security.

Loud laughter, eyes burning with excitement and smile on faces- your children will look like this exactly in the Entertainment Center of "HappyLand".




Our first flower - gift shop under “Gallery” brand was established in May 2000. The key idea was to help the people to buyboth flower

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Key purpose of the Company included bringing of new standards to our activity field. These standards are product assortments 

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Real Group Company is increasing work places year by year. Each “Real Group” employee is provided with all conditions for 

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